Relaunching for a new platform: the Westcon Library

When I first watched the launch of the iPad, I was convinced it was something I didn’t need.  I had a phone, I had a laptop – why use the tablet?  Of course, over time my opinion changed and I decided to buy one which then changed my outlook and now it’s my preferred medium by a considerable margin. And one of the things that I use it for which has surprised me is for books and magazines. It’s not only that they become portable – anytime I want a book or magazine, I can access it – it’s the way in which the magazines can present content, which I had not considered before.

The industry leaders, Adobe, have released a platform for publishing that allows magazines to be published via an App*, utilising the same workflow we use at Westcon.  I knew I wanted this platform for our Westcon App and it is the right time to upgrade our app and also improve our guides.

Designing for tablets requires a totally different way of thinking – as a designer, the concept of a magazine has always been easy to understand but when the ability to change the page layout upon user interaction is introduced, the possibilities open and require a different approach; I recently condensed 32 pages of product information into one single spread on a tablet. The result is much richer and more effective, making it easier to compare vendor products. That’s the beauty of taking this approach – the guides we offer will become more engaging and ultimately improve the experience to the readers.

The Tell Me About guides and Solution Briefs have been so popular for so many years because Westcon combines an extensive UC heritage and technical understanding to interpret a vendor solution, offering a unique perspective on the features and benefits of that solution in order to prepare the reader to fully understand it and, ultimately, sell it.  It’s been important to make the guides freely available to our resellers, always kept up to date and as informative as possible.  So that’s why the new app, branded “The Westcon Convergence Media Library” to better reflect the new types of media that can be included inside, is available now with all the newly updated guides.

The most recent addition to the collection is the “Tell Me About … Microsoft Lync Solutions”. The guide is available through the app now, and is the perfect candidate to be re-imagined specifically for the tablet experience. My goal is to make it even better and I can’t wait for the results.

*Support is currently available on iPad and Android devices and Windows 8.1 will be available in late 2013.

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