Lync for Mac OS X – how important is it?

It’s no secret that Microsoft and Apple have not always seen eye to eye but collaboration between them has been important to the success of both companies – for example, cross patent deals allow extensive technology sharing between them, critical for compatibility. The move that proved to be one of the critical tipping points in Apple’s success was to invest resource into building iTunes for Windows, opening the market for growth of the iPod and leading to a primed market ready for the iPhone. Now, the tables have turned and it’s Microsoft’s turn to make sure their software is ready for Apple’s ecosystem

One of the key principles of Lync is that it provides a consistent experience to the user, regardless of the device they are using. Lync has been available for Apple devices for quite some time: Lync for iOS and more recently Lync, as part of Office for Mac. In the spirit of BYOD, users expect uninterrupted services as they move from device to device throughout the day. Regardless of the future share shift, Apple is a key player in the mobile market and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, so the importance of having Lync available on iOS cannot be understated. But when Mac OS X still has a low percentage of the market, then why is it so important for Lync to be part of Office for Mac?

Despite Macs having a low share of the market, the popularity of the iPhone has led to growth of Mac OS X, including adoption by business leaders and senior executives. One of the most effective ways of driving adoption of any new technology or culture is when it’s driven from the top, so if the leaders are on Mac then it’s important that they are able to use Lync unimpeded if the solution is going to be rolled out successfully across the business. Secondly, while BYOD proves to be a headache for IT departments, cyber diversity is a reality as people expect to use any computing device and still retain access to the software services they are used to. Macs are making up an increasing proportion of personal computing, so having adequate access to work tools outside the office is still important for some.

As the technology scape continues to change, Microsoft need to stay on the forefront of people’s technology habits and ensure a Lync client is always available, no matter the device and no matter the competition.

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