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Lync Choices for Business

Ovum Research reported in April that nearly half of the enterprises it surveyed in Europe planned to extend deployment of Lync services this year. One of the many choices that organizations will have to make when transitioning to Lync Enterprise Voice is what type of IP endpoints to integrate into the mix. Buyers have choices, and the decision ultimately depends on factors relating to the degree of importance of integration with other Microsoft products and the level of customised telephony features required to support the company’s existing systems and business processes.

Lync Optimised and Lync Qualified?

Microsoft has created the designations ‘Optimised for Lync’ and ‘Qualified for Lync’ to distinguish between purpose built Lync-only end points running Microsoft Lync Phone edition firmware and standards-based SIP business phones which are tested and compatible with Lync.

Both destinations mean that the phones do not require gateway interoperability and offer administrators the ability to manage the system with capabilities such as direct provisioning and configuration from the phone to the Lync server and remote Lync server updates to the devices.

The difference

The key difference is that Lync Qualified phones will work in a Lync environment and an IP PBX environment concurrently, they are not limited to use only with Lync. This means that will support both the core Lync features and also customised telephony features and third party voice applications for example basic features users expect to find in business today such as music on hold and shared line appearances where an incoming calls rings both the manager and his designated alternatives phone.

Lync qualified phones are best suited where there the plan is to build the infrastructure entirely around Microsoft, they are deeply integrated with Lync functionality but limited to this functionality. Businesses with specific needs such as the ability to configure the phone in a different language or add a presence buddy to speed dial will not be able to customise the phone to support these features.

Making a choice

In summary for businesses that require customisation of their voice communications a Lync qualified phone that can support a broad range of IP PBX and rich collaboration features is recommended. For organisations requiring end points that are PC centric and require no telephony the Lync optimised phones are a popular choice.  snom provide both Lync qualified and Lync optimised handsets through our certified partners to meet different customer requirements.

Find out more

For our white paper that will explain in greater detail the difference between Lync-qualified IP phones and Lync-optimized IP phones and provide  deployment considerations and the business case for each visit and download the “Lync – What Comes Next” white paper.


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