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Spectralink Wireless Solutions and Microsoft Skype for Business

The first in-building wireless solutions to be tested and qualified for Microsoft Skype for Business

Only Spectralink offers enterprise wireless telephony solutions that interoperate with Microsoft Skype for Business, without the use of a gateway. This direct integration eases deployment, simplifies administration, reduces hardware and support costs and accelerates your ROI.

With Spectralink you can combine Microsoft Skype for Business with purpose-built, Spectralink wireless devices customized for verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and many other specialized working environments.


Add mobility to improve productivity, communication and satisfaction for mobile workers

Mix industry-customized wireless handsets to meet the individual need of each employee

Tested and Qualified
The Spectralink 7000 DECT portfolio and Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi solutions have been tested by Microsoft and qualified for Microsoft Skype for Business
Direct interoperability
Eliminate need for an additional gateway that other solutions require to reduce complexity and costs

Increased ROI
Reduce administration costs, reduce downtime and increase productivity

Streamlined administration
Streamline administration by enabling your IT department to centrally administer, modify and control the entire solution


Wireless Options

Spectralink offers the first enterprise wireless solutions qualified as directly interoperating with Microsoft Skype for Business

The Spectralink solutions are available for both Wi-Fi and DECT:


Spectralink 84-Series

The enterprise-grade Voice over Wi-Fi solution (2.4 GHz or 5GHz)


Spectralink 7000 Portfolio

Cost-effective, feature-rich DECT wireless solution (1.8 GHz or 9GHz)

Skype for Business qualified wi-fi handsets

  1. Full duplex speakerphone, wideband audio, and noise-canceling mic for optimal voice quality
  2. 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi support for any VIEW supported WLAN
  3. Reinforced magnesium cage design for added strength
  4. Color display for use in any environment includes 4 icons and a micro web browser
  5. Integrated push-to-talk for instant communication
  6. Soft keys and navigation cluster for ease of use
  7. 1000 Names Personal Directory
  8. Rubberized over molding for durability
  9. Bluetooth or wired headset support with integrated mute and hookswitch control
  10. Snap-in integrated battery pack for 24/7 usage

Also available, on the Spectralink 8452/8453 is an integrated 1D & 2D barcode scanner for data input applications

Integration with Skype for Business Presence, IM and calendar

IM between Spectralink 84-Series users or Spectralink 84-Series and PC users as well as Outlook calendar integration

Spectralink Partner Portal

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The 5 minute guide on Spectralink Wi-Fi and DECT solutions

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Spectralink DECT Microsoft Skype for Business interoperability

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