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The importance of headsets in a UC World Unified Communications (UC) is the ability to drive multiple modes of communications through a single intuitive user interface across different devices; including voice, email, instant messaging and presence.

Voice is the key to UC – headset devices enable UC to truly harness the power of voice. Not only do headsets work across different telephony devices and provide a consistent experience, but they come in many different forms to suit the varied needs of modern workers.

When determining the most suitable headset, it is important to look at the individual employee needs – one device does not fit all – the successful deployment headsets can have an impact on the adoption of UC within an organisation. Key to positioning the correct headset is to understand the job function and working behaviour of the individual.

Overcoming the Headset Challenge!

Headsets are often perceived as fairly straightforward and therefore taken for granted. However, headsets have a massive impact on the user-experience which directly impact business performance. For example, productivity may be compromised do to ergonomic challenges or customer service issues may arise due to poor sound quality. As a result, headsets are quickly becoming an integral part of a worker’s communication device set. This is also being driven by an increase in remote & flexible working practises within organisations; employees are no longer restricted to the desk or indeed the office, yet they still need to remain in constant communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Whether in the car, working from home or roaming the office, a headset is the single most important device that facilitates efficient communications.

Watch how adding a headset or speakerphone can transform a painful struggle into a painless experience

See how a headset or speakerphone is an integral part of a successful Unified Communications solution

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