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AdvaTel Espera  is a Microsoft certified solution which integrates with Microsoft Skype for Business Response Groups to provide Call Centre Real-Tine display and management reporting. Standard Skype for Business Response Groups already have advanced call queuing and call waiting. Espera integrates directly with Skype for Business to enhance call processing efficiency by displaying the invisible call waiting demand.

By displaying critical call information, such as number of calls waiting and level of service, agents are able to better manage how the work. This helps agents to deliver better customer service with higher productivity levels by empowering them to make informed decisions.

Espera Reporter is all about learning from the past to better prepare for the future; managing a call center has two vital elements: Real-Time (lets agent react and manage their time best for the call they are currently involved with) and Historical information to provide clear reports on the past so you can be better prepared for the future. That is why we have Espera – Real time and Reporter.

Why have Real Time calls waiting information?

  • Agents can decide to offer additional services politely complete the current call and move promptly to the next
  • Enable the agent to respond accordingly, for example “I am sorry you had to wait so long – how can I assist you today?”
  • Supervisors and managers can monitor the performance of queues from their office
Espera has been simple to install and added real value to our Skype for Business Contact Centre service…if you’re using Skype for Business Response groups, Espera works really well as a real-time Wallboard solution.
Chris Fawcett- Information Systems and Technology Manager, Broadacres Housing Association

Espera Real Time is an integrated part of Microsoft Skype for Business

Espera allows you to use the powerful call routing options within the standard Skype for Business product and get the important calls waiting information directly from Skype for Business so avoiding the need to install an expensive separate add-on product.

Why is having historical information important?

Historical information can allow you to track trends that are important in your circumstances. Two of the keys elements to a great Call Center reporting system are Flexibility and Simplicity of operation. Espera Reporter comes with standard reports as well as user defined reports. Sometimes reports not only provide answers but they also generate questions. “Why is the waiting time much higher this week to last week”. This can often be answered by re-running the report with additional fields included. Espera allows you to simply drag and drop additional fields into any report in order to clarify the questions raised. Flexible outputs and Simple operation.

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Get Demonstrating

AdvaTel provides any Microsoft Skype for Business Certified partner with trial software  which can be used in a demonstration or production environment. This will assist a partner to demonstrate Espera to any customer.

Please note, the trial software must installed within 2 weeks of receipt.

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