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Skype for Business Enterprise Voice & Office 365 Integration

With all of the Microsoft Office applications now available through the cloud, organisations adopting an Office 365 strategy already enjoy the benefits of Skype for Business Online. Businesses wanting to embrace the full Skype for Business experience by enterprise voice enabling Office 365 can do so simply and cost effectively with a solution from Active Communications.
For the small or mid-market business, ACS Express is the perfect solution for adding Skype for Business Enterprise Voice to an existing Office 365 deployment in a single appliance footprint. With an easy to manage GUI interface for voice, adding Enterprise Voice to Office 365 has never been easier. Use existing Office 365 ‘E4’ licences to deploy enterprise voice cost effectively. Leverage Exchange within the appropriate Office 365 subscription plan to manage unified messaging for Skype for Business.

Why consider Active Communications for Office 365?

  • Enterprise Voice enable Office 365 customers with rich voice features
  • Minimise cost and leverage your licences from your Office 365 subscription
  • Deploy more Enterprise Voice solutions quickly and without disruption
  • Easy to deploy, all in one single appliance with embedded voice connectivity
  • Reduce cost of ownership with ACS intelligent GUI interface
  • Migrate, Integrate and replace legacy telephony networks with Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365
  • Active Communications Express
  • Active Communications Appliance
  • Active Communications Enterprise
The Active Communications Express solution consists of a hardware appliance that is pre-installed with Microsoft Skype for Business but also offers a range of telephony functionality. This enables organisations to deploy a single appliance solution for their Skype for Business solution. This offers a very cost effective way to enable organisations running Office 365 with full Enterprise Voice.

  • Out-of-the-box voice gateway running with ACS Skype for Business
  • 1x E1/T1 and 4x FXS
  • 4x BRI and 4x FXS
  • SBC functionality with support for up to 60x SIP trunks
  • Unique AD Connector
  • Up to 200 users
  • Rapid deployment of Microsoft Skype for Business
Supporting up to 2,500 users, the Active Communications Appliance delivers Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2013 on a single rack server with all Skype for Business server roles already pre-installed for a highly scalable unified communications Solution.
  • Out-of-the-box running Microsoft Skype for Business deployment
  • Full deployment on one rack server
  • Unique AD Connector
  • Up to 2500 users
  • Virtualised on Hyper-V
The Active Communications Enterprise offering is a software only solution. This allows organisations to select the hardware platform of their choice and deploy a highly scalable solution.

  • Runs on virtual environment of customer
  • Full deployment on one rack server
  • Unique installer incl. unique AD Connector
  • Full deployment of all roles
  • Less than 3 hours
  • Number of users as needed

The ACS platform is an easy to deploy UC solution that consolidates the number of appliances and servers required. With plug and play simplicity, ACS is the most cost effective solution enabling rapid implementation of a Microsoft Skype for Business solution in a small 1U footprint.

With its ‘out of the box’ ready to deploy implementation, the ACS solution reduces deployment costs and complexity, shortens the install and implementation cycle, and delivers a faster customer return on investment. Advanced techniques are used to quickly and easily install ACS within the enterprise network. The Active Directory Connector facilitates a quick and easy integration within the existing IT environment without any disturbance to the existing infrastructure. The integrated administration application provides an intuitive interface for managing moves, adds and changes and other routine maintenance tasks.

The ACS UC solution can integrate either with the existing PBX in a hybrid deployment scenario, or as a replacement for either a traditional TDM based or other VoIP PBX as the primary communication solution. Deployment of Microsoft Skype for Business solution has never been easier!

Step 1

Get Started

The Active Communications partner onboarding programme gives partners who are looking to develop a Microsoft Skype for Business practice, the capability to immediately offer Microsoft Skype for Business solutions without the need to commit resources at the early stage of their Microsoft development at a very cost effective entry point.

This onboarding programme offers partners a comprehensive ‘wrap’ of not just NFR product but is coupled also with Sales and Technical training, installation of an Active Communications Enterprise solution as well as first year maintenance.

The ACS Onboarding Package

  • ACS Server Solution 25 Users
  • Installation
  • Active Care Support
  • ACS Partner Training

All this with a 63% discount!

Contact us to get this onboarding package


Please go to the relevant contact page and specify that you would like to take part in the Active Communications onboarding programme

Step 2

Trial Software

 For partners that are Microsoft Skype for Business certified that want to trial the Active Communications solution, there is the opportunity to leverage a free of charge 45 day trial of the solution.

  • 45 Day trial licence
  • Software Image Download of “Active Communications Server Enterprise” software
  • Maximum of 100 users
  • Active Communications Server installation and configuration guide
  • Includes the below components of a Microsoft Skype for Business deployment:
    • Windows 2012 Server
    • Microsoft Skype for Business Front End Server
    • Microsoft Skype for Business Edge Server
    • Microsoft Skype for Business Conference Server
    • Microsoft Skype for Business Mediation Server

* Partners supply server hardware, Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2013 licence, Microsoft Server 2012 server licencing as well as the required Microsoft CALs. Microsoft trial licences can be used for this style of deployment as opposed to purchasing them.

* Excludes installation, partner training and Active Care maintenance support

Upgrade the trial

The trial software will timeout after 45 days and will become unusable. Should a partner want to convert the trial to a production deployment of the Enterprise software then this can be done by following the below steps:

  1. Purchase the Active Communications Enterprise product (software only)
  2. In order to rebuild existing hardware, refer to pricelist for detailed review of software package for example a 50 user production solution of ACS.
  3. Where required the customer must purchase: Windows 2012 server and Skype for Business Server 2013 licences as well as the appropriate CALs.

Please fill out the form to request the Trial Software:

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