WebRTC for Dummies – from Sonus

Sonus releases WebRC for Dummies
WebRTC is a new technology that is grabbing a lot of interest. WebRTC  (Real Time Communications) is a new technology that enables web browsers to participate in audio, video and data communications without plug-ins, applications or downloads.  Through integration with WebRTC, technologies such as Microsoft Lync can allow enterprises to provide easy external access for remote users as well as partners, customers and clients through a simple browser interface.  The benefits are clear but if only there was an easy guide to WebRTC… like a for Dummies guide…

Thanks to Sonus, there is just that:  WebRTC for Dummies (by Mohan Palat and Justin Hart),  in partnership with John Wiley and Sons, Inc., publisher of the world’s best-selling For Dummies® reference series.  The new book introduces WebRTC, covers the new technology, how to integrate into current infrastructure and leverage in real world applications.  Best of all, the new book is available absolutely FREE!

Get a copy of the book from the link below, courtesy of Sonus.

Available from Sonus

WebRTC For Dummies

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