Extreme Networks addressing the Top IT priorities

Extreme Networks addressing the Top IT priorities

It can be difficult finding the right portfolio to help you take advantage of the anticipated growth areas within the IT industry. If this is an area you are struggling with, then perhaps it’s worth taking a look at what Extreme Networks have recently introduced. Extreme have come up with a package that allows you to address four key areas that analysts are predicting to be “hot” for CIO’s and IT Professionals in the short to medium term.

Analysts are predicting significant growth in Security, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics/BI. Here is what they are saying:

  • Gartner predicts that Analytics will be the number one spend for CIO’s.
  • Forrester predict that we will see double digit growth in 2015 Security budgets.
  • Forbes predicts that in 2015, 93% of Large Enterprises will use Cloud Services.
  • And Gartner believe that by 2018, 50%+ of users will be Mobile first.

Analytics is key to organisations as they strive to understand user engagement, improve user experience and optimise application performance. Giving IT departments control and visibility will undoubtedly allow them to make better business decisions, make troubleshooting easier and help them understand how their users are accessing and using their network.

A good example of how this may help can be made with a Skype for Business deployment. Extreme’s award winning Product Purview will allow Skype for Business users to start running call analysis, determining the quality of the call and quickly identifying issues within the network via the intuitive Purview interface.

In summary, Extreme are offering a promotion bundle offering up to 50% off of list, that addresses the top IT priorities in 2015 for high performance wireless, business analytics, and highly secure network access to the cloud. Extreme Networks’ solution includes equipment, software, and licenses to deliver the mobile performance to drive business results.

On top of this Extreme are offering their Partners additional rebates and SPIFFs for every bundle sold, combined worth a total value of $2000 per project. So if you are interested in finding out more please click on the link below.

Secure Mobility with Analytics for the Private Cloud

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