The “5 minute expert” guide on Extreme Networks IdentiFi Wireless

The “5 minute expert” guide on Extreme Networks IdentiFi Wireless

Wi-Fi that scales beyond the crowd delivering exceptional user experiences

Extreme Networks IdentiFi is a lync-certified wireless and unified wired/wireless product portfolio which meets user expectations for fast and seamless access both indoors and outdoors. It uniquely delivers the capacity and ease-of-use demanded by IT. Fast, smart and simple.

Your wireless network is critical

70+% of global wireless traffic traverses Wi-Fi
317% increase in wearable shipments in 2013 (IDC)

The benefits of IdentiFi

Extreme Networks is a pioneer in the wireless industry, as well as in unified access for network infrastructure. IdentiFi Wireless has matured over a decade of development, while being deployed in an extensive and varied customer base.


•  Add/move/change a user without touching the infrastructure — no VLANs required.
•  Upgrade APs without changing controllers.
•  Interoperability with any network.


•  Expedite AP implementation with zero-touch initialisation.
•  Manage the network easily through the intuitive dashboard.


•  Deliver more applications and throughput with fewer APs. Everyone in a big crowd gets connected.
•  Wired-like performance for the all Wi-Fi office.


IdentiFi provides simultaneous AP and Controller bridging without the need for multiple SSID’s, reducing complexity while reducing network latency.


High availability with sub-second failover built into the product at no additional cost.


•  Encryption & authentication to protect data and validate users.
•  Policy to define user actions and WIPS/WIDS to eliminate threats.
•  Comprehensive data collection for forensics/compliance.


Gain insight into user activity, security parameters and traffic patterns for improved user experience.

Where does it all fit?

IdentiFi offers a complete line of 802.11ac and 802.11a/b/g/n access points and appliances that delivers unmatched scale and density (please refer to the I symbol). It is available in various price ranges and configurations to meet any network requirement.

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Extreme Networks IdentiFi Wireless components network

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Why IdentiFi in challenging environments?

IdentiFi is the leader in high-density, highly scalable wireless deployments, typically required for the below verticals:

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Extreme Networks IdentiFi Wireless verticals

Success Story

Bart’s Health is the largest NHS Trust in the United Kingdom serving a population of 2.5 million in east London and beyond. The Trust has deployed over 2,000 wireless access points, including Extreme Networks’ latest IdentiFi 802.11ac solution.

“We have a large number of mission-critical devices on our high-density wireless network, including workstations on wheels, mobile image intensifiers, blood dispensing fridges, handheld devices and VoIP cordless telephone handsets. These are in addition to the computers, tablets and smartphones you’d expect. Our wireless infrastructure needs to meet the demands of all our users, including hospital staff, patients and visitors, and IdentiFi’s proven performance capability and adaptable architecture enables us to do this, delivering a high-functioning ICT network for the best patient care and user experience.”
Jason Bincalar, deputy director of ICT at Bart’s Health
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