5 Minute Expert – SBCs from Westcon

An SBC is a critical element of any Lync or hosted SIP/UC project but despite its importance, it can be difficult to make the right product selection. How many sessions do I need? Do I need analogue ports? What are the differences between the SBC solutions available? Does it need to integrate with an existing PBX? Is SBA functionality required?

Now there is an easy way to get an ‘at-a-glance’ overview of Westcon’s SBC portfolio comprising products available from AudioCodes, Oracle and Sonus. Our new infographic-based “5-minute expert” guide will help guide you through an initial sales enquiry to make an informed high-level choice as regards potentially suitable SBC options for a particular deployment type.

What is an SBC?  Find out in our blog ‘What is an SBC?’ 

You can  download the full PDF here

Minute Expert - SBCs from Westcon

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