Bridging the gap between Avaya and Lync

Many enterprises who want to use their Lync licences and have an existing telephony platform, such as Avaya, see them as complimentary and not competitors, therefore want a solution that allows them to gain the benefits of both.  Lync offers strong internal communications, so all that is needed is a suitable bridging system.  Such a solution is a media gateway and SBC. Two of the roles that a media gateway and session border controller can fulfil is the interoperability between systems and networks as well as monitoring and managing the traffic. This makes for a logical approach at bridging the the two systems quickly and easily.

Read more about an Session Border Controller’s functions in our article, What is an SBC?

Alan Percy, Senior Director of Marketing for AudioCodes and Gary Audin from Avaya discuss this concept in this podcast, recorded in April during the International Avaya user conference.  Alan advises that when enterprises connect Lync and Avaya, to start with voice conferencing, then move instant messaging followed by desktop sharing.  These serve as a proof of concept, making it easier to roll out the services.

Listen to the podcast here:


You can find out more about AudioCodes here and more about the AudioCodes session border controller family in this infographic.

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