The Jabra Motion Office – The ultimate mobile worker solution

Jabra has a long and proud history within the Bluetooth headset space. Many might not know this but Jabra was actually first in the world to release a Bluetooth headset back in the year 2000.

Since then Jabra has continued to be in the forefront within the Bluetooth category, with innovative and unique products. The latest professional Bluetooth solution from Jabra, the TMC award winning Jabra Motion Office is no exception.

Unique triple connectivity

The Jabra Motion Office is the only all-in-one Bluetooth solution currently available on the market with the ability to connect to a desk phone, a PC and a smart phone simultaneously. The Jabra Motion Office base unit acts as the connection HUB for the different telephone devices and all the telephone devices are then easily controlled via the built-in touch sensitive display.

Superior sound

To ensure crystal clear conversations, the Jabra Motion Office headset uses the latest Jabra Noise Blackout™ microphone noise reduction system. The system consists of two omni-directional microphones and a powerful DSP (digital signal processing) unit that works closely together to ensure that the far end of the call hears your voice and nothing else.

The headset also comes with a special wind noise filter that provides class-leading wind noise reduction performance driven by a filter that is discreetly hidden behind the outer microphone mesh.  The Italian designed wind filter was selected and perfected with the help of the Jabra Research Lab wind tunnel test in order to meet the high performance levels that Jabra wanted the headset to have.

Last but not least, the headset delivers a crisp, rich and clear speaker audio performance. For voice calls the speaker (Micro Dynamic 14.8 mm) delivers HD Voice audio quality (160Hz – 6,300 Hz) and for music listening the user can enjoy music according to the A2DP Bluetooth audio specifications (20Hz – 20,000 Hz).

Ultimate comfort

A top priority for the Jabra Motion Office headset was to deliver a best in class wearing comfort. Therefore the headset (weighing a mere 17.5g) includes a unique 8mm height adjustable speaker house to ensure that the headset fits more ear sizes than any other headset with the same type of wearing style.

This 5th generation Jabra Behind-The-Ear wearing style offers an all-day wearing comfort. To ensure that the user achieves the ultimate comfort Jabra also delivers three different ergonomically shaped ear gels sizes with the product.

Always ready for use

To ensure that the user never misses a call, Jabra has added the latest in sensor technology – a triple-axis nanoaccelerometer (motion sensor). The motion sensor is called into action in several scenarios:

  • Firstly, the Intelligent Volume Control feature automatically adjusts the volume up or down, based on movements from the user. Jabra combines movement information along-with sound from the two microphones, which report into the “DSP brain”, to tell if the user is moving into a noisy environment. This will result in an automatic volume adjustment, to ensure user can still hear what is being said from far end.
  • Secondly, the intuitive Call Assistant feature lets the user pick up calls just by picking up the headset from a desk.
  • Thirdly, the Power Nap feature intelligently puts the headset into sleep mode when the headset lying still for a period of time.
All the motion sensor features are fully automated, so a user can focus on the conversation, not the technology.


One of the brand characteristics for Jabra is excellent  product quality and durability. To ensure that the Jabra Motion Office lives up to this standard, the development project team behind the Jabra Motion Office created a quality and durability specification that ensured the entire Jabra Motion Office solution can be used intensively for years. Extensive testing was conducted by the specialised Jabra Stress Labs to push the products to the extreme.  The result is that the Motion Office’s boom arm is approved for opening and closing for a minimum of 20,000 repetitions while the call button is approved for more than 40,000 presses.


The Jabra Motion Office is one of a kind; the unique connectivity options that ensure compatibility with existing desk phones combined as well as the latest PC telephony (like Microsoft Lync) and Smart phones, ensure that this product is a future proof investment, no matter which direction a company’s telephony strategy will go.

Read more about Jabra here

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