CloudBond™ 365 – The simplest path to Skype for Business Voice

CloudBond 365 is a new appliance based solution from AudioCodes that includes everything required in order to deploy Skype for Business enterprise voice, all in one simple package with one simple price.

AudioCodes’ One Voice for Microsoft Lync is aimed at combining product and service into a comprehensive programme and the CloudBond365 is no exception to this philosophy. The CloudBond 365 includes all the required server components, connectivity equipment, end-point devices, installation and support services, making it a one-stop shop, turn-key solution. Regardless of the skill level of the integrator, service provider or reseller, the CloudBond 365 can easily be customised to complement any service delivery.

AudioCodes CloudBond 365 offers wide-ranging flexibility, enabling it to be customised to complement existing services and fit any business model.

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CloudBond 365 Key Benefits

  • Full Lync Features:  Providing IM/P, conferencing and full enterprise voice features for PBX replacement that are not available through Skype for Business Online (part of Office 365).
  • Fast Deployment: The simplified architecture and proprietary software help accelerate deployments – simple rip-and-replace deployments executed in only a few hours.
  • One Vendor Approach: Components that are built and tested to work together, for piece of mind, simplified procurement, testing and support.
  • Full UC without compromising cloud benefits.

There is a growing number of customers who are interested to transition their software to the cloud and there is an ongoing mass migration to Office 365. At the same time, the same forward looking customers understand the value of unified communications over traditional telephony and are looking at Microsoft Skype for Business to replace their PBX solution. Unfortunately, these two worlds do not co-exist very easily. With AudioCodes CloudBond 365, partners are given the best of both worlds AND leverage the same Office 365 licensing scheme (E4). Not only this is a great technical solution, but it is also compact, not invasive, and easy enough to install that a qualified partner can drive a full rip and replace deployment within a couple of days. Best of all, it provides the end-users a very integrated and seamless experience.

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