Rumoured Microsoft Smartwatch to integrate with Lync?

Although no details have been announced, the recent rumours about a newly developed Microsoft Smartwatch are becoming hotter. A new filing for a wireless device has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission and despite many details remaining confidential, it does look like the device will come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Also, Bluetooth Low Energy Radio is included, which is commonly found in many wrist worn devices.

It’s no coincidence that this announcement has come so close to Apple’s recently announce Apple Watch. While very bold to announce a product that won’t be available for months yet, it does give others the opportunity to capitalise on the buzz in the market and introduce something to steal some limelight. If Microsoft are bringing out a watch, now is a very good time to do it.

While Apple leverage integration of the Apple Watch into their ecosystem to enhance the experience, Microsoft’s key strength is to leverage it’s dominant position in the enterprise market and integrate a watch into its ecosystem of services, including Microsoft Lync and Office 365.

Despite limitations on what can be achieved with such a small device, there are certainly benefits that it could bring in many business situations. Glancing at a watch is much less obtrusive and distracting then looking at a laptop or mobile phone while in a meeting. A new Microsoft Smartwatch can easily provide an interface to change presence, start conversations or display who’s calling without having to glance at a phone screen. Wearable technology could enable salespeople to be even more connected digitally while more focus in the real world.

Forrester Research analyst J.P Gownder comments: “Perpetually connected wearables will enable workers, partners and customers to experience new levels of immediacy, simplicity and context in their mobile computing experiences. Wearables aren’t just a consumer phenomenon; they have the potential to change the way organizations and workers conduct business.”

While no details of this new Microsoft Smartwatch would be released until Microsoft is ready, this could be an opportunity to boost the benefits of a Lync UCC solution, making it even easier for an enterprise to utilise.


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