Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Voice is here!

With the long awaited release of Microsoft Office 365 Voice solutions for Skype for Business, the new E5 subscription plan within Office 365 is now available.


The Office 365 E5 subscription brings 3 new voice features to Skype for Business:

Office 365 Cloud Connectivity


  1. Cloud PBX

  2. PSTN Conferencing

  3. PSTN Calling



 So what’s the difference between them all…?


Cloud PBX – The new Cloud PBX enables organisations to deliver PBX functionality from the cloud. Users are able to make and receive calls across a range of devices including deskphones, mobile phones PCs and tablets. IT administrators are able to make moves, adds and changes, configure new or existing numbering plans as well as enable voicemail services within the Office 365 Admin Centre, reducing cost of ownership and administrative overheads. All of the call control features such as hold, transfer, simultaneous ring are all managed from within the cloud.

PSTN Conferencing – This is a new Microsoft provided service that allows external users to dial-in to Office 365 conference calls and meetings, or alternatively Office 365 users can dial out to external users enabling them to join conference calls. Microsoft supplies the required external dial-in telephone numbers for the organisation to use. For tolled dial-in and domestic dial-out, billing of the service is managed by Microsoft and is part of the monthly licencing fee. For toll-free dial-in and international dial-out calls, these will be billed per minute.

PSTN Calling – Is the new feature that provides the ability to make and receive external outbound and inbound telephone calls directly to and from Office 365 users across the Microsoft Office 365 network. Microsoft is the service provider and as such Microsoft also manage the billing, numbering and provisioning, no external or additional service providers are required. PSTN Calling is an add-on to the E5 licence but does include a number of minutes for both domestic and international calling. Initially in CY 2016, this will only be available in the US, but will extend to other countries throughout 2016 and beyond. For countries where PSTN Calling is not yet available, external PSTN services can be delivered on-premises through deployment of a Skype for Business server pool (or Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) when available) and an SBC or Voice Gateway. This will allow all Office 365 Cloud PBX users to make and receive telephone calls.


Office 365 Voice GuideWant to learn more about the components of an Office 365 Cloud Voice sale?

Download our new Office 365 Voice Enablement guide which outlines end-user bundle pricing* with all the necessary infrastructure, endpoints, services and maintenance for a complete cloud voice sale.

Download Office 365 Voice Guide (.pdf)


For more information, contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

* Bundle pricing currently only available in UK and Ireland

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