Lync Room System June Update – now available with new Room PC View!

Lync Room System June Update – now available with new Room PC View!

Interest in Lync Room Systems is growing, understandably so. The ease of use and functionality is incredibly attractive for business and despite being on the market for less than a year, there are partner solutions available in more than 43 countries from over 5,000 resellers.

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Microsoft have issued updates for the LRS. Starting with this update, Microsoft is adopting a new versioning method, changing the version number from “15.xx” to “15.xx.x.” For example, the June Update is “15.10.0.” Under the old model, it would have been “15.10.” This new versioning method allows for greater granularity in the case that minor updates are pushed.

Room PC View

In addition to a number of usual fixes and minor updates, there is a major new feature which is the Room PC View. This is intended to add the capability to improve content capture for any computer that is always connected in the LRS.

For setups where the content capture cable is connected to an in-room PC, the content capture session would always be active and visible in a pre-meeting state. As users may not want content to be seen before a meeting begins, the Room PC View is introduced – a simple button on the console that toggles the display of the in-room PC screen share. This is an optional feature and system admins can control whether the button is present or not.

The full LRS June Update (15.10.0) release notes are here.

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