AudioCodes New Session Border Controller for Large UC and Cloud Deployments Supports 16,000 Concurrent Sessions

As the demand for large Lync solutions grows, AudioCodes is expanding its One Voice for Lync offering of voice-enabling products and services to include scalable Session Border Controllers (SBCs) suitable for large enterprise deployments, centralized datacenters and hosted Lync services. The recently announced Mediant 9000 SBC supports up to 16,000 concurrent sessions and as many as 12,000 fully secured (SRTP) sessions on a single 1U platform, offering large-scale, on-premises or hosted Lync deployments and secure, reliable and high-quality VoIP connectivity.

With the introduction of the Mediant 9000, AudioCodes now offers a comprehensive and uniform SBC family that scales from mini-branches to large datacenters and cloud deployments, while sharing an identical advanced feature set and benefitting from a centralized operations, administration, monitoring and configuration system. Carrier-grade redundancy and resiliency are supported on all Mediant SBC products, meeting mission-critical business communication needs. The breadth of AudioCodes’ SBC offering enables large distributed organizations such as universities, hospitals, government institutions and other multi-branch and international enterprises to work with one vendor for all their SBC requirements.

AudioCodes’ highly scalable SBC is also available in a software-only version for deployment on Common-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Intel-based servers or within fully virtualized environments. This enables IT managers and hosted Lync providers to build solutions around their current datacenter infrastructure while aligning themselves with the emerging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architecture.

Visit the AudioCodes website for more information on AudioCodes One Voice for Lync offering of products and services.


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