Extending Lync Response Groups for efficient handling of telephone calls

Large enterprise Lync installations often have many departments that handle a significant number of calls and the Lync Enterprise Voice license already includes numerous tools to greatly facilitate the efficient handling of these calls. The calls to these departments may be from external (enquires for product information), internal (IT help desk) or a combination of both.

The Lync Response Group allows all phones in the department to retain their individual number while at the same time have them as a part of a department “team” number. Adding the Espera plug-in adds a management tool which ensures calls to busy departments are handled efficiently.

What are the problems and how are they dealt with?

Calls being directed to phones that are not manned

Have the individual log-off if they are going into a meeting and log-on when they return. This will ensure that “team” calls are not automatically directed to their phone. This is facilitated by having the Espera plug-in added so it is one click to log-in or out

Calls not answered within a reasonable time and callers (internal or external) complaining of poor service

Each person in the department can have a small indicator of this PC screen to show the overall delay being experienced by waiting callers. Those not logged on can assist the “team” and log-on to handle long waiting callers.

Not knowing how many people in the busy department are currently available

 The person in charge of the smooth running of the department can see on their real-time Espera screen who is assigned to the department (or several departments) and of those who is currently logged-in.

Not knowing what level of traffic to expect at nominated times

 The Espera plug-in retains information regarding all calls attended to as well as calls abandoned. Reports can show anticipated traffic based off historical information and staff can be made aware of this and better arrange their other activities in anticipation.

Unfair distribution of the telephone load within the department team.

 Espera reports can show how each department team member performed. Time logged on, calls attended to, average call-handling time etc.

Not knowing the overall outcome of calls to the department

 Espera offers calls a “wrap-up” screen. With two clicks the department member can provide a summary of the call conclusion e.g. IT help desk – one click PC Problem – select from a second list of choices Click “completely fixed” – these are summarized for management.

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