AdvaTel Espera Success Story: Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH


Customer Details:

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH


Company Background:

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH is wholly owned by Hutchison Whampoa Limited (based in Hong Kong) and has operated in the Austrian market as Drei since 2003. Hutchison Whampoa Ltd is a 6 billion Euro company based in Hong Kong. They have interests in Property, Ports, Retail, Energy and Telecommunications. With their takeover of Orange Austria in January 2013, Hutchison Drei Austria became the third strongest market contributor and the fastest growing telecommunications provider in Austria with 3.3 million customers.


What is our industry?

Telecommunications/Mobile Communications provider


CHALLENGE -What is the business problem or challenge that is facing the company?

There are 15 internal agents set up in a helpdesk located in different parts of the building and to assist incoming callers while remote agents assisted when demand is high. The internal and external agents were unable to see the number of callers waiting in queue or even which agents were available to answer calls. They were unable to easily generate reports to assist the supervisors to enhance their operating efficiencies.

Drei was planning additional queue groups with another 30 agents but need the ability to track realtime and historical reports so that they could plan ahead.

SOLUTION - An overview of how the company and AdvaTel partnered to provide a solution.

After Drei switched over to Lync their internal support call centers became a Lync response group. They missed the reporting capabilities of their previous call center and so looked around for when they fine that would provide then both real time dashboards for the agents and reporting for their call centers daily, weekly and monthly reporting. They found AdvaTel’s Espera development via an internet search. Drei contacted AdvaTel a Microsoft ISV and TAP (Technical Application Partner) to enquire about Espera (Microsoft Qualified Solution). Following a discussion and a web demonstration, it was agreed that Espera had provided the solution which would allow agents to see the realtime call waiting information on their desktop while allowing management to easily have reports emailed on a schedule basis.

Following a proof of concept the decision making was easy as Espera was well accepted and provided immediate productivity improvements to reduce the number of calls abandoned and increased the service level.


RESULTS - Describe the key capabilities of Espera and business benefits to the company.

With the Espera real time dashboard on the agents PC, each agent handles each call efficiently. The agents are far more self-managed. They can extend a conversation with a client if they can see that there are few or no other callers waiting. If there are a number of other caller waiting that can be more “efficient” and get quickly to the next waiting caller. Some staff interested in the current level of caller service can also see they calls waiting status on tier PC even though they are not agents.

Espera is a solution which is installed as a Lync plug-in and adds traditional call center functionality to Microsoft Enterprise Voice Response Groups so they act and “feel” like a full traditional call center.

The benefit of Espera included:

  • Immediate costs savings as Drei did not need to purchase an expensive third party contact centre solution as Espera is a Lync plug-in.
  • Ease of deployment and Ease of use
  • Visibility of Realtime information for internal and external agents.
  • Supervisors and managers where able to generate reports on demand and have them scheduled.
  • Improved acceptance of Lync Response Groups


Was there any unexpected benefit from the implementation of Espera?

We were pleased that the staff had considerably more information about the status of the group as a whole and so worked better as a team. They take breaks at suitable times and required less supervision. This made the agents more interested in a team outcome. Due to improved reporting capabilities Management is now enabled to set very precise measures based on facts, not only on rumors.

Agents could now easily Login/Logout of Reponses Groups with just one click. Supervisors were also able login/logout if all agents were on calls during high traffic periods.

“Espera is a solution which added Call Centre Real-Time and Historical reporting features to compliment Lync Response groups. It is a very user intuitive solution and required little user training. Espera supports our current IT-operations strategy and provides very helpful functionalities out of the box”. – Andreas Ullmann–Teamleader ESS – Drei 


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