Westcon Business Ignite Programme

discoverUCC.com houses all vendor enablement offers for Skype for Business partners. You can locate the vendors you wish to develop skills with, follow the enablement paths available and take advantage of any special offers and initiatives that will help you develop and grow your Skype for Business solution selling.

The Westcon Business Ignite gives you:

[bullets color=”#005596″] [/bullets] The Westcon Business Ignite brings all of Westcon's Skype for Business Ecosystem Vendors together into a multi-channel programme

What's in the Business Ignite tracks?

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Westcon Business Ignite features the training offers, demo kit offers, promotions, incentives and demand generation from our Skype for Business ecosystem vendors

What's the next step?

Look at our vendor overview page, which details the areas each Skype for Business ecosystem vendor supplies. Visit the dedicated page for the vendor you are interested in and view the Business Ignite tracks available. 
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